Speare Memorial Hospital donates $8,000 to The Bridge Project in Lincoln

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Contact:  Kate Tarbox, Director of Marketing & Community Relations
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Speare Memorial Hospital donates $8,000 to The Bridge Project in Lincoln
Supporting an amazing community for the 3rd consecutive year

PLYMOUTH, NH – June 8, 2023 – Speare Memorial Hospital is pleased to award The Bridge Project in Lincoln a grant for the third consecutive year through the hospital’s Community Health Grant Program.

“Speare was the first organization to provide us with grant funding, and I appreciate them so much,” says Tracy Shamberger, executive director and life coach at The Bridge Project. “It’s amazing to have friends like Speare in the community. If they hadn’t helped us in the beginning, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That money began our mentoring program and helped us do so many things.” Stephanie Narrow, administrative assistant at The Bridge Project, adds, “Since then, Speare continues to be a helping hand, encouraging us to reach out.”

As central New Hampshire’s community health resource for many generations, Speare understands that it takes the efforts of many organizations working together to best achieve optimal health for the community. Speare created the Community Health Grant Program to provide funding to organizations that help Speare accomplish significant results in improving the health of those in Central New Hampshire. Each year, the hospital’s board of directors approves a pool of funds available to support community health initiatives that address community health needs as identified in the Central NH Health Partnership Community Needs Assessment. Last fall, the board approved a total of $75,000 in grant funding to eleven area nonprofit organizations.

The Bridge Project is a free resource open to anyone in the Lincoln/Woodstock/North Woodstock community who wants or needs help. Acting as a “bridge” between individuals and the resources necessary to empower people to change their lives, there are no restrictions on who can take advantage of their assistance.

The Speare grant is for their girls, “Virago,” and boys, “Zanoba,” mentoring and afterschool programs (ASP). Each mentoring program was awarded $4,000. The 10-14-year-olds have painted tiles and recently enjoyed a retreat at a local farmhouse, where they engaged in team-building activities, created vision boards, participated in yoga and exercise classes, and cooked together.

 “We are so excited to broaden our mentoring programs as a stepping stone in helping people succeed and share our journey with Speare,” says Tracy.

Referring to females with great strength and courage, the Virago Mentoring Program (VMP) aims to guide, inspire, and empower young women between the ages of 10 and 14 in the Lincoln/Woodstock community. The girls are paired with adult female mentors who serve as positive role models. The Zanoba Mentoring Program (ZMP) aims to offer the most accessible, effective, and sustainable mentor program for young men between the ages of 10 and 14.

The mission of both groups is to empower young people with coping strategies and confidence to make healthy decisions when faced with various challenges. They connect young adults with the resources needed to survive adolescence and thrive within it. Mentors and mentees form relationships to help the young adults while offering a helping hand in making positive choices in their life to support them along the way. The ASP developed as a natural extension of the mentoring programs. Young adults are invited to drop by and check the program out. Wednesdays after school are Virago (girls), and Thursdays are Zanoba (boys). The Bridge project also has combined boys and girls throughout the year.

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